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The HCRA has committed to fulfilling its legislative mandate and strategic goal to forecast and act on emerging issues affecting new homebuyers and builder qualifications through leading research and education.

The Building Research & Collaboration Council is a partnership platform facilitated by the HCRA to advance its Research & Education Program. This program is committed to supporting the educational needs of builders and homeowners and promoting best practices in home construction through an evidence-based, cost-effective, and accessible approach. This mandate will be achieved, in part, by launching a collaborative forum that will encompass two streams:

  1. Technical Research & Education: in partnership with stakeholders, research and develop educational educational resources that prepare builders for upcoming technical trends and best practices in home construction.
  2. Consumer Education: in cooperation with consumers and consumer organizations, develop, publicize, and promote educational resources that support consumer protection, education, and awareness regarding homebuying and homeownership.


  • Perform gap analysis to identify existing resources and any areas for new technical research and educational resources
  • Engage in technical research, develop, and then disseminate practical resources through publications, case studies, videos, and webinars
  • Provide guidance in anticipating emerging training and education needs with a view to establishing a proactive approach to the development, delivery, and dissemination of complementary materials
  • Supporting the development of a public, web-based library of resources for builders/homeowners on the HCRA’s website
  • Develop home maintenance guides, webinars, and resources for consumers, to support the homebuying and homeownership journeys
  • Explore opportunities to partner on the development of research and education initiatives, through joint funding, co-authorship or providing technical expertise in-kin

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For information or questions, contact the HCRA’s Chief Research Officer, Siloni Waraich, at

Resource Hub

The HCRA has created a Resource Hub dedicated to providing educational resources and information on current and emerging trends, including requirements and updates to the Ontario Building Code. To visit the Hub, click here.

Stay tuned for added resources as this page is updated.

Launch of the Building Research & Collaboration Council, January 2024