Conseil consultatif de l’industrie


Pour les services en français, veuillez contacter le Service des licences et à la clientèle de l’Office de réglementation de la construction des logements au 416-487-HCRA (4272) ou

In support of the HCRA’s consumer protection mandate, the Industry Advisory Council (IAC) provides independent and non-partisan advice to the Board of Directors on:

  • Emerging issues in the new home construction sector
  • Approaches to enhance industry awareness and engagement
  • Opportunities for improvement with respect to service delivery, policies and procedures

For more information, please refer to the IAC Terms of Reference.

Members of the HCRA IAC:

  • Peter Saturno (Chair)
  • Christina Giannone (Vice-Chair)
  • Gary Burtch
  • Erminio Labriola
  • John Meinen
  • Robert Noseworthy
  • Chester Pawlowski
  • Chris Preston
  • Drago Putica