Potential Registrar Actions

Below are the actions the Registrar may choose to take as an outcome of a complaint, please also see the Registrar’s recent activities and enforcement:

  • Education
    The Registrar may require licensees take further education courses or pay for courses of any of their employees if it is found that the complaint resulted from a lack of knowledge or skill.
  • Warning
    The Registrar may issue a written warning to the licensee that will remain on their file with the HCRA. The warning letter will be taken into consideration in the event of future complaints.
  • Conditions
    The Registrar may propose a condition on a licence.
  • Non-renewal
    Licensees are required to renew their licence with the HCRA on an annual basis. A licensee’s complaint file will be taken into consideration at the time of renewal
  • Suspension
    A licensee may have their licence suspended until further actions can be determined.
  • Revocation
    The Registrar may revoke a licence.
  • Lay Charges
    The HCRA can lay charges under the New Home Construction Licensing Act, 2017 (NHCLA), the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act (ONHWPA) or the Provincial Offences Act (POA). A conviction for an offence under the NHCLA, ONHWPA, and POA may come with fines; imprisonment; an order to pay compensation and/or make restitution. These cases are heard in provincial court.
  • Refer a Matter to the Discipline Committee
    The Registrar may refer a matter to the Discipline Committee if the HCRA receives a complaint about the conduct of a licensee and believes that the conduct may have violated the Code of Ethics.